Astronaut of the Month

  • Astronaut of the Month - Story Musgrave

    Story Musgrave's story is almost as interesting as the man himself.
  • Astronaut of the Month - Neil Armstrong

    Neil Armstrong was born in Ohio on August 16, 1930. He fell in love with flying as a young boy when his father took him up for a short flight. He e...
  • Astronaut of the Month - Alexei Leonov

    Alexei Leonov was born on May 30, 1934 in Listvyanka, West Siberian Krai. When his father was arrested in one of Stalin’s purges, young Leonov made...
  • Astronaut of the Month - Sally Ride

    As kids in the 80s, Sally Ride was our introduction to astronauts and space travel. She was strong, smart, and had hair like Ashlie’s mom. Books in the library showed pictures of what that hair, and the woman behind it, looked like in space. Articles about Ride and her fellow astronauts showed up in our Weekly Readers at school. Every one of us wanted to go to space, and because of Sally Ride, we all believed we could. 

    Dr. Sally Ride was an astronaut, physicist, professor, author, and entrepreneur. She not only dedicated her life to science and science communication, but to helping the rest of us see ourselves in her world.

  • Astronaut of the Month - Gus Grissom

    Virgil (Gus) Grissom was born on April 3, 1926 in Indiana. Intent on flying, he became an aviation cadet for the Army Air Force during his senior y...
  • Astronaut of the Month - Valentina Tereshkova

    Valentina Was a Russian Cosmonaut and the first woman in space! Read more about her here!
  • Astronaut of the Month - Alan Shepard

    Alan Shepard grew up wanting to fly. After graduating from the Naval Academy in 1944, Shepard served on the USS Cogswell where he saw active combat...
  • Astronaut of the Month - Jim Lovell

    James (Jim) Lovell was born on March 25, 1928 in Cleveland, Ohio. An Eagle Scout, he graduated from high school in Milwaukie, Wisconsin, and joined...
  • Astronaut of the Month - Yuri Gagarin

    Born in a town that would later be renamed in his honor, Yuri Gagarin was born on March 9, 1934, and after surviving the German occupation of much ...