Rat & Will Chapter 18: The Sewer Holds No Surprises

They’d left their horses at the mouth of the tunnel and crept carefully into the city via the aqueduct tunnel. It was completely dark when they began to hear the tired conversation of the two remaining guards. Just as Rat overheard earlier, the third watcher was gone on “business” of his own. She smiled coldly and slipped the small packet of sleeping powder from a hidden pocket in her coat. Will, unfamiliar with the area and knowing he was far less quiet, gave her plenty of room as she slipped quietly to the mouth of the gated entrance. The men were seated far more openly than the last time the couple had checked, one on either side of the gate. 

Rat slowly pulled a kerchief over her own nose and mouth (no reason to be caught by her own trick) and slid the packet out between the bars. The men weren’t paying much attention at all. She rolled her eyes and snapped her fingers. In an instant, both men turned towards the small sound and Rat popped the packet, blanketing both men’s faces and fronts in the powder. She stepped back into shadows as they coughed and wheezed, struggling to wipe the soot-like powder from tearing eyes. In less than a minute, both men collapsed back, unconscious. Rat motioned to Will, then reached back through the bars and searched pockets till she found the key to the gate lock. She was fighting with the rusted thing when Will moved in behind her. 

“I figured you’d just pick it.” 

“Why bother when the idiot was wearing the key?” She bit her lip and tugged, forcing the lock open. 

“Good point.” He gestured as she pocketed the key. “You keeping that?”

“Only till we’re finished here.” She rustled through the toughs’ pockets, relieving them of several items of possible value. “I’m hoping that they wake up, realize they’ve been rolled, and think that’s the entirety of it.”

“Ah. Good idea.” He squeezed her elbow slightly, then helped her move the rusty gate a bit. “Shall I get the horses?” 

“Yes.” Rat looked around. “I’m going to hide somewhere just in case the third watcher comes back.”

“Right.” Will disappeared back into the dark tunnel, and Rat settled into a dark corner with a broken box for a seat. She didn’t have to wait long. Will arrived quickly enough, not bothering to be quiet when he knew Rat had the entrance covered. They quickly moved the horses through and relocked the gate. Then Rat put the key back in it’s hiding place on the still sleeping man. They were long gone before either man woke. 


After a quick discussion with Milla and a mug of ale from the old gaffer at the bar, they settled into their old room at Morgan’s Keg. They’d worked hard the last couple of days, and Rat had insisted on a hot bath, happily pulling the coins from a dead guard’s purse to pay. Will made sure that they both thoroughly enjoyed it (and sloshed water all over the hearth) before they fell into an exhausted sleep on the bed they were growing too used to. 

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