Rat & Will Chapter 31: Some Problems Solve Themselves

Together, they entered Tremant’s room for the second time that evening. They’d discussed various strategies outside and bickered over the possibility that the thin old man was far more fearsome an opponent than he’d appeared. That he’d be gone completely (Rat’s idea), or lying in wait ready to spring a dangerous trap (also Rat’s idea) or perhaps have used their fight with the giant mage to gain other demon allies more dangerous than the slardur (still Rat’s idea). But it turned out that Will had the correct notion (much to Rat’s irritation) when he wondered aloud if maybe Tremant had just been lucky to get so far as he had. 

“I mean, he hasn’t acted very smart. We knew that before we walked in here.” She’d been forced to agree with that. But still, there’d been too many weird surprises for one murder-minded dwarf to take in a single long evening. 

“We go in slow and careful.” She said it in a tone that brooked no argument and Will, quite familiar with that particular tone, didn’t bother. “And cover your face in case some of that powder is still about.” He’d smiled agreeably before pulling a kerchief about his mouth and nose.

But it hadn’t mattered. They found Tremant slumped where they left him tied, dead and cooling. At Rat’s request, Will took his head to be absolutely sure. They both knew it probably wasn’t necessary. But Rat was feeling testy after a night skulking about fighting giants and demons, and Will found it an easy enough task if it made her feel better. She tossed the head in a pillow case and bundled it up with the Sladur demon’s head. “Should we take the wizard’s head too?”

Will shrugged and looked out the window at the brightening window. “You think we’re going to have trouble with the day shift?”

“Shit.” Rat looked out the window. “We haven’t yet, but maybe they just don’t come up here. Let’s clean out this room, then check the other rooms. I’d feel like the job was left half done if we left another demon wandering around.”

Will grinned at her. “I’ll turn you into a goody two shoes yet.”

She scowled up at him, then turned back to Tremant’s desk muttering. “Not likely. Milla just seems like the kind of woman to complain about a leftover demon or two.”

He chuckled. “She does at that.” He nodded at the papers that Rat was shoving into a bag. “What’s all that?” 

“Bunch of crap about his plans for world domination. Also where he came from, what he did there. Milla might want to follow up on some of this. Maybe get some of our payment paid back from other people who are grateful he’s gone.” Finished with that, Rat started tossing coin and other valuables into a larger bag. She studiously ignored the smiles Will sent her till he shrugged and began digging through some of the other furniture in the room. 

By the time they’d tossed the room, full light was beaming in through the windows. They’d heard nothing outside, nor in any of the other bedrooms, and it was starting to give Rat the creeps. “I guess we’d better check those other rooms.” She muttered balefully. They left the heads, the bag of papers, and the larger items they’d looted next to the door and carefully exited Tremant’s room. 

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